How to Redeem Affiliate Credits

1. Affiliates when making purchases, may redeem Credits to pay for purchase costs. Here are the simply steps, illustrated by an example:-

In Checkout, before Place Order, click “Redeem now”.

In the input field, input the amount you wish redeem out of the Credit balance. Then click “Apply”.

If all checks out right, a message will display to confirm the Cart Total amount that has been reduced by the amount of redeemed Credits.

2. An Affiliate may redeem his/her Affiliate Credits for cash payment from the store. Follow the steps below:-

A. The Affiliate need to ensure his/her account has on record a valid mobile number and email address (strictly for the purpose of security of information and safety of funds). Login => Account => My info=>Account

B. After Step A above, the Affiliate shall send a request in writing by email, from the Affiliate’s email address on record, to Customer Service (email address: In the email, please quote:-

  • Mobile number on record; and
  • Amount of Credits applied redemption.

Custom Service will follow up with the Affiliate about the request.